As a fencing master for 42 years, Maestro Daniel Levavasseur develops athletes at the highest level of international fencing. He has been the head coach of the French, Chinese, and Canadian national teams and at various clubs.

  • 3rd degree licensed Maître d’Armes
  • Professor of Sport
  • Management of Sport
  • Master's in Psychology
  • DESS in the legal and economic training of sports
  • Technical expert of the FIE

Since 2008, Maestro Levavasseur s’investit à 100% pour ses élèves du Team Escrime Levavasseur à Saint Maur, pour la préparation des grandes échéances internationales, avec en ligne de mire les JO de 2016 à Rio.

Since 2009, he has been the head coach of the Chinese women's épée team (Olympic Champions of the 2012 Olympic Games in London).

The Team's objectives are to advise, develop, and train both fencers and coaches of the 4 corners of the world.


1981-1992 : 19 MEDALS

  • French Men's Épée National Team (Riboud Philippe, Boisse Philippe, Lenglet Olivier, Srecki Eric, Henry Jean Michel, Salesse Michel, etc.)
  • Olympic Games : 3 or, 2 argent, 2 bronze
  • Senior World Championships : 4 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze


  • Racing Club de France, Lagardère Paris Racing (Flessel, Obry, Leroux, Schalm, Lamon, Fernandez, Moellhausen, etc.)
  • Olympic Games : 3 or, 2 bronze
  • Senior World Championships : 5 or, 10 argent, 4 bronze
  • European Championships : 3 or, 2 bronze
  • European Cup : 3 or
  • French Championships : 16 gold, 4 silver, 6 bronze